Weavers Press is pleased to announce that the next author in our lineup is Anuradha Kumar. A Sense of Time and Other Stories by the prolific and versatile author is now available via Weavers Press.

“Imagine a collection of bells, each forged for a particular sound. The smallest have the clearest, sharpest tones, but the large bells vibrate one’s spine.So it is in A Sense of Timewhere Anuradha Kumar is the master bell ringer, offering stories almost symphonic in their orchestration, range, and compassion. Answer the call of these bells.”

– Brian Leung, author of World Famous Love Acts

“Thoughtfully constructed and wildly inventive, Kumar’s collection is varied in style, voice and genre. With elegant prose, these narratives are unified by the unpredictability of human behavior. A Sense of Time and Other Stories, explores conflicts of familial obligations, breakdowns of communication between friends and strangers, and clashes of culture, how tradition and the future encroach upon one another. Enlivening, at times humorous and heartbreaking, this is an utterly humane and deeply satisfying read.” 

– Donald Quist, author of For Other Ghosts and Harbors

“Kumar’s writing can feel subtle. Brief. Quiet even. Then you hit one air pocket, then another. In her world, the dead refuse to forgive, ardor is immortal, and contact with other beings has already been made, love notes exchanged.

– Deepak Unnikrishnan, author of Temporary People

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