Weavers Press is thrilled to announce two upcoming titles:

Moazzam Sheikh’s novella A Footbridge to Hell Called Love arrives in December 2022, followed by Sophia Naz’s poetry collection Bark Archipelago in March 2023! We will be announcing when these titles are available to order in the coming months. Here is the cover of the first of these titles:

Don’t forget to visit the Bookshop at Weavers Press to browse currently available titles including our first title of 2022 – Hero and Other Stories, a collection of short stories by Nadir Ali, translated from the Punjabi by Amna Ali and Moazzam Sheikh.

“Conflict, compassion, culture, cadence: at the heart of this epic collection is a maestro writing at multiple levels, each as precise, as cogent. To read Nadir Ali is to stumble onto a Manto or a Premchand: the same overwhelming pleasure, the same deep reverence!”

Murzban F. Shroff, author of Breathless in BombayWaiting for Jonathan Koshy, and Third Eye Rising

“Hero, is a collection of quick and fast paced short stories that read like character studies. The first person style of writing lets readers into the lives of dynamic and colorful characters. The poetic language lends depth to the narrative.”

Stewart Shaw, author of House of Men: poems

“With this hypnotic collection, Nadir Ali conjures the lost art of truly immersive story-telling and reminds me why I fell in love with reading in the first place. These are settings, characters, and situations rarely seen in contemporary literature and woefully absent from the bookshelves of the English-speaking world, but they cry out to be known. Ali brings them unforgettably to life with empathy, wisdom, and subtle sensuality. These stories will haunt you in the best way.”

Chaitali Sen, author of  The Pathless Sky (Europa Editions) and A New Race of Men from Heaven (upcoming from Sarabande Books and winner of Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction)

“Atmospheric and insightful, this collection of stories by Nadir Ali will often make you travel to the periphery — of location, society and perception. We see a failed hero’s unlikely majesty, a wronged prisoner’s sense of dignity, a washerman’s extraordinary compassion, the ever-looming shadow of Partition. Ali nudges us, with vivid prose, narrated in the style of quissas, to become interested in the bizarre complexities of our everyday lives. A whole new old-world opens up through the subtexts of this finely translated anthology.”

Bhaswati Ghosh, author of Victory Colony, 1950 (Yoda Press)

“Nadir Ali’s stories about everyday, ordinary people are beguiling, first in the very deceptively ordinary way of their beginning. Then there are those sudden moments when you experience heart-stopping astonishment–things can change in the space of a sentence–or feel a sudden, magical understanding of other human lives lived in places far away, and yet complex and similar in recognizable ways. A man commits a murder, a sick boy can ‘travel’ the world in a moment, and an ordinary man can live a life of film star magnificence: these characters in Nadir Ali’s stories emerge in sentences, stark and pristine, with a gem-cut clarity. In the end, these stories, translated with great devotion by Amna Ali, will leave you with some heartbreaking empathy.”

Anu Kumar, author of One Man, Many Lives (Simon and Schuster, India) The Hottest Summer in Years (Yoda Press) and A Sense of Time and Other Stories (Weavers Press), among others.

“What a beautiful collection of stories by Nadir Ali, in his book Hero and Other Stories. Such a pleasure to read the lyrical prose and come to learn about the rich lives of the characters as they build relationships with one another and navigate the world and customs around them.

Devi Laskar, author of Circa (upcoming from Mariner Books) and The Atlas of Reds and Blues (Counterpoint Press), among others.

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